Vacuum Formed Housings

Custom Vacuum-Formed Housings

When it comes to low-profile audio solutions for temporary displays or sound-enriched
in-package promotions, DUCO has your low-cost turn-key answers.

Brand Marketers can create attention-getting audio promotions utilizing custom digital technology in custom Vacuum Formed Housings.

These low-profile audio units creatively broaden an advertisers’ marketing efforts while offering versatility, impact and results. They can be used in a display or in
a package to announce, for example, an “instant winner”.

DUCO’s Vacuum Formed Housings, with digital audio, deliver Brand Marketers
a greater audience of potential customers.


  • Capable of using up to 5 minutes of total message length.*
  • Activate the audio message(s) using a rubber grommet push button.
  • Motion and light sensors activate by a change in indoor lighting conditions.
  • A preset delay can be utilized between activations to minimize multiple
    activations with one consumer and to help extend battery life.
  • Can be programmed to activate both audio and lights
  • Use either 27mm, 29mm or 40mm speakers
  • Battery powered
  • Low profile housings adhere to a variety of materials
  • Audio can be provided in any of the following formats:
    an e-mailed WAV file, a compact disc, or MP3 file

    *If quantities warrant: message length, number of messages and number
    of push buttons can be increased.

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