Media Player Accessories

DUCO offers a wide variety of media player
accessories to enhance the retail consumer experience. Increase in-store visibility with
the attention-getting qualities of our
custom LED light harnesses.

Custom LED Lights, LED Clusters and Light Harnesses

LED Lights can easily be plugged into the AC and battery powered media players
to help capture consumer attention at the point-of-sale.

Push Buttons and Motion Sensors

Push Buttons
Choose from a variety of sizes and styles including illuminated and touch sensitive
push buttons or CDS or PIR Motion Sensors to activate the video message(s).

 Memory Cards

A variety of capacities up to 32GB. Using a memory card for video playback gives
the ability to update and change the content easily and quickly.

Batteries and Battery Clips

Battery Clip
DUCO’s 4.3″, 7.0″ & 10.1″ Media Players can be powered using “D-Cell” batteries
with a variety of “D-Cell” battery clip configurations.

2.0″ • 2.5″ • 4.0″ Metal Speakers

Choose between a variety of speaker sizes and shapes for high quality audio reproduction.

AC Adapters

AC Adapter
UL approved 5v and 12v