LED Pricer Signs

DUCO’s LED Pricer Signs allow Brand Marketers the ability to capture consumer attention
while highlighting a promotion’s specific pricing at the point-of-sale. Based on each project’s
exact requirements, DUCO’s engineers will create custom functioning circuit boards with or without injection molded housings.

Choose from a variety of sizes using either standard 7-Segment, Alphanumeric or
Dot Matrix LED blocks.

These LED Pricer Signs are ideal for:

  • Showing individual or multiple prices within a product line
  • Comparing sale prices to non-sale prices
  • Price comparisons between an advertiser’s product and their competition’s
  • Choose from either a Single Digit, Double Digit, Triple Digit, Quadruple Digit,
    LED 7-Segment blocks, Alphanumeric blocks or Dot Matrix blocks

Available Character Heights:
7-Segment Blocks:

  • Single Digit: 0.30″, 0.36″, 0.39″, 0.40″, 0.43″, 0.50″, 0.52″,
    0.56″, 0.80″, 1.00″, 1.50″, 1.75″, 2.24″ and 3.984″
  • Double Digit: 0.30″, 0.394″, 0.56″ and 0.80″
  • Triple Digit: 0.40″ and 0.56″
  • Quadruple Digit: 0.244″, 0.40″ and 0.56″
  • Alphanumeric Blocks: 0.50″, 0.80″, 1.20″ and 2.24″
  • Dot Matrix Blocks: 0.70″, 0.80″, 1.20″, 1.40″, 1.50″, 1.85″,
    2.00″, 2.30″, 2.40″, 3.00″ and 4.00″


  • Choose between Super-Bright Red, Yellow, Orange or Green LEDs
  • Each digit of the 7-Segment & Alphanumeric blocks contain the option
    of illuminating a decimal point
  • The number of digits that can be used are limited only by each project’s
    specific requirements
  • Numbers can be individually programmed by either an Infra-Red remote
    control or by push buttons
  • Each block is manufactured with a gray face & white diffused segments
  • The blocks are covered with a thin red transparent piece of acrylic to help
    conceal components & to maximize brightness & visibility
  • Electronics are typically produced without a housing, however, DUCO can manufacture a custom injection molded housing to a project’s specifications
  • AC powered