GEN III MP3 Digital Audio Player

For those displays requiring distinct high-end digital audio, DUCO has designed a line of MP3 players unparalleled in sound quality. Offering an abundance of features and capabilities our MP3 technology delivers audio with incomparable clarity and richness.

Easy to operate and easy to install, DUCO’s compact MP3 audio players can easily be integrated into any in-store display program. The combination of internal memory and a removable memory card allows for the possibility of several hours of dynamically rich audio that can be easily updated and refreshed at any time.

Our solid-state MP3 players are engineered and built to withstand the many demands found in various retail environments. DUCO’s MP3 audio technology is a creative solution for those discerning retail displays requiring absolute superior sound quality.


  • Up to 10 trigger outputs for standard push button applications or touch sensitive push buttons for a more high-tech interactive experience
  • Able to utilize a motion sensor to activate your first attention-grabbing message if desired
  • Standard on every MP3 player are PLAY/STOP/NEXT & PREV functions
  • Integrated 5V output allows for adding LED lights to capture consumer attention while maximizing visibility
  • A built-in headphone jack is a standard feature and can
    be used for headphones, or when a high-end amplified.
    (sound system is required)
  • Optional RCA jacks can be added when your display
    requires RCA inputs
  • Choose between a variety of available speakers to meet
    any display programs’ requirements
  • 512MB internal memory or utilize the capacity of a 4GB or 8GB standard memory card slot for storing several hours of audio. (Use of an external memory card overrides the content on the internal memory)

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