DUC-02 Slim-Line™ Digital Audio Box

The low profile DUC-02 SLIM-LINE™ custom digital audio box gives advertisers the capability of generating greater product and brand awareness at the point-of-sale.

This versatile audio unit maintains the same high quality sound of its DUCO audio box counterparts with one distinct difference; it is only 7/8″ thin.

The “slim” housing allows advertisers the advantage of using audio in a much wider variety of display applications, including those displays that are size-restricted or have various retail space limitations.


  • Capable of using up to 3.5 minutes of total message length*
  • The audio chips used are capable of multiple message output*
  • Activate the audio message(s) from a vast selection of single
    or multiple push buttons and/or motion sensor(s)*
  • Motion sensors are activated by a change in indoor lighting conditions.
  • A preset delay can be utilized between activations to minimize
    multiple activations with one consumer, and to help extend battery life.
  • Dimensions: 2.6875”(H) x 5.125”(L) x 0.875”(W)
  • Each unit features a 2.25″ dynamic speaker for a full range of quality sound
  • Powered by 3 “AA” batteries or an external battery clip for extended life
  • Audio can be provided in any of the following formats: an e-mailed WAV file,
    sent on a compact disc, or an MP3 file.

*If quantities warrant: message length, number of messages and number
of push buttons can be increased.

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