DUC-01 Digital Audio Box

DUCO’s DUC-01 Digital Audio Box offers Brand Marketers an easy and economical
solution for using custom audio messages in a variety of retail display applications.

These compact, powerful advertising tools generate product and brand awareness
by speaking to and educating every potential customer about any advertiser’s product,
service or upcoming event.


  • Capable of using up to 3.5 minutes of total message length*
  • The audio chips used are capable of multiple message output*
  • Activate the audio message(s) from a vast selection of single or multiple
    push buttons and/or motion sensor(s)*
  • Motion sensors are activated by a change in indoor lighting conditions
  • A preset delay can be utilized between activations to minimize multiple
    activations with one consumer, and to help extend battery life
  • Dimensions: 2.625”(H) x 2.625”(L) x 1.5”(W)
  • Each unit features a 2.25″ dynamic speaker for a full range of quality sound
  • Powered by 3 “AA” batteries or an external battery clip for extended life
  • Audio can be provided in any of the following formats: an e-mailed WAV file,
    sent on a compact disc, or an MP3 file

*If quantities warrant: message length, number of messages and number
of push buttons can be increased.

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