Barcode Scanning Technology

DUCO has developed a unique interactive P-O-P opportunity featuring our entire line of our Android High-Definition LCD Media Players, and our innovative Barcode Scanner technology. This inventive combination of technologies creates an unequaled shopping experience that engages and informs the retail shopper like never before.

The consumer’s interaction with the
P-O-P display begins by simply placing the UPC barcode found on the advertised products packaging in front of the scanner. The scanner instantaneously reads the pre-programmed barcode, and activates and plays a product-specific video on the media player screen.

Utilizing the many attention-getting benefits found in in-store video advertising, the consumer is immediately immersed into a shopping experience that is both informative
and entertaining while reinforcing their product selection.

Because of its interactive nature, the integration of DUCO’s media player and Barcode
Scanner into a P-O-P display program offers an array of creative opportunities while
delivering a memorable in-store experience between Brand Marketer, retail display,
customer and product(s).

Additional Media Players