Talking Direct Mailers & Shelf-Talkers

DUCO Technologies’ Ad-Sellerator offers Brand Marketers a low-cost yet very powerful selling tool with multiple applications. The Ad-Sellerator is printed, manufactured and assembled turn-key by DUCO. These “mini-billboards” are capable of utilizing the captivating qualities of audio and lights to draw  attention to any product on any retail shelf.

Another creative use for the AD-SELLERATOR is direct mail advertising. Receiving a promotional piece that talks directly to a targeted audience and/or lights up will undoubtedly generate lasting and powerful impressions.


  • Capable of using up to 5 minutes of total message length.*
  • The audio chips used are capable of multiple message output*
  • Activate the audio message(s) using a rubber grommet push button,
    a metal tact switch, a magnet, a shaker barrel or a motion sensor*
  • Motion sensors activate by a change in indoor lighting conditions
  • Can be programmed to activate both audio & lights
  • Mounts to any retail shelf or can be used in direct mail promotions
  • Use either 27mm, 29mm or 40mm speakers
  • Powered by Button Cell batteries
  • Audio provided via e-mailed WAV file, a compact disc or MP3 file
  • Measures .3125″ thick (length & height can vary)

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