7-Segment LED Clocks

Using DUCO’s 7-Segment LED Clocks offers Brand Marketers an abundance of unique
multi-functional display opportunities. In many cases, when a promotion features an
LED clock, advertisers will often times gain continued exposure well beyond the life
of the actual campaign.

DUCO’s brightly-lit LED clocks compliment and convert any display into an accurate
time keeping piece.


  • These clock fixtures are available in two standard number heights:
    1.80″ and 2.50″ 7-Segment number block x(4) blocks.
    (Custom number heights can be engineered)
  • Clocks come standard with Red or Green LEDs. However, all LED
    colors can be custom engineered if quantities warrant
  • LED blocks are mounted on the front of the PCB with pre-drilled holes
    in each corner for mounting ease
  • AC powered (Includes U/L approved AC transformer on wire lead to clock’s PCB)
  • 9V battery back up for AC power loss (maintains clock time-does not illuminate)
  • 7-Segment LED Clocks utilize a Real-time clock chip for maximum time accuracy
  • Uses an “Hour” & “Minute” time setting button on a single board connected
    by a wire lead to the clock PCB