Display Electronics For P-O-P.

Since 1987, as the Point-of-Purchase Industry’s innovator in design engineering and manufacturing, DUCO Technologies supplies the most comprehensive selection of attention-getting electronic advertising products used throughout the industry. DUCO continues to design, develop and create the largest array of eye-catching products specifically for P-O-P advertising.

LCD Media Players

With sizes ranging from 4.3″ to 27.0″, our media players offer
an abundance of options, features, and creative solutions
to fit all in-store video display advertising budgets & needs.

Elite Slim Series: 1080p Android Quad Core Media Players

27.0″  21.5″  17.3″

Elite Series: 720p Android Quad Core Media Players

18.5″  15.6″  13.3″  10.1″

Premier Series: Android & Standard Media Players

10.1″  7.0″  4.3″

Pro Series: Budget-Friendly Media Players

10.1″  7.0″  4.3″


Invision Media Players

DUCO’s InVision 4K & 1080p High-Def Media Players are
creative advertising devices that converts monitors or TV screens of any size into sophisticated media players.

InVision  4K

InVision 4K LITE 

4k & 1080 Accessory Module

Digital Audio Technology

DUCO offers the largest variety of high-quality custom
digital audio devices found in the Point-of Purchase and Advertising Industries.

Digital Audio Players:


Digital Audio Boxes:

DUC-01 Audio Box 

DUC-02 Slim-Line™ Audio Box

DUC-03 Slot Box™ Audio Box

Brochure Modules, AdSellerator

Vacuum Formed Housing

LED Lighting Solutions

Complimenting any advertising program with the cost-
effective, attention-getting qualities of flashing or fading
LED Lights will increase product and brand awareness.

1-LED Flashers

Flexible LED Strips

LED Harnesses & Circuit Boards

Star-Lite™ Strips