LED Lighting Solutions

The window of opportunity for a P-O-P display, product or advertisement to be seen by a potential retail customer is typically less than one second. Accompaning any advertising program with the attention-getting qualities of flashing or fading LED Lights will exponentially increase product and brand awareness.

Custom LED Circuit Boards And Harnesses

Utilizing flashing LED lights are the most cost-effective way of capturing consumer attention. DUCO offers a wide variety of lighting effects and a rainbow of LED colors.

Star-Lite Expandable LED Lighting System

DUCO’s Star-Lite Expandable Lighting System brings powerfully bright lights for P-O-P displays, retail shelf or store fixture displays.

Flexible LED Strips

DUCO’s Flexible LED Light Strips are thing, powerfully bright lighting products that deliver more design flexibility and creativity than ever before.

1-LED Flashers

DUCO’s 1-LED Flashers are the least expensive “attention-getters” available to the P-O-P industry with a shelf-life ranging from 90 to 120 days.