Duco’s Invision Media Players

DUCO’s Android InVision 4K UHD & Android InVision LITE Media Players are creative advertising devices that converts monitors or television screens of any size into sophisticated media players. DUCO’s InVision players engages every potential customer into a visually-stunning, interactive buying experience.

Android InVision 4K UHD

Now Brand Marketers can feature their in-store
4k UHD video advertising content on any 4k UHD television.

Android InVision LITE UHD

This Budget-Friendly 4K UHD Media Player offers Brand Marketers the ability to create and play their own custom Apps on UHD TVs via a looping .

4K Accessory Module

Our Accessory Module adds additional functionality to the already feature-packed InVision 4K UHD Media Player.