"The least expensive Attention-Getters available to the P-O-P Industry"

1-LED Flashers

With a shelf-life ranging from 90 to 120 days*, our 1-LED Flashers are designed to offer Brand Marketers the ability to highlight any product in a display or at-shelf for extended periods of time.

DUCO’s 3mm and 5mm red or white 1-LED Flashers are ideal for capturing consumer attention when used in product packaging, in “shelf-danglers”, or in a variety of temporary retail displays including; counter, end-cap, end-aisle, self-liquidator or pallet.

Whether a display requires a single or multiple 1-LED Flashers, these battery-powered attention-getters are an extremely low-cost yet sure-fire solution to help maximize any product’s visibility and promotion’s effectiveness.


  • Colors: Red or White
  • LED Sizes: 3mm or 5mm
  • PCB Dimension: 1.25” diameter (If quantities warrant, a custom circuit board can be designed and manufactured)
  • Glass Finish: Clear, Tinted, Transparent or Diffused
  • Brightness Levels: Only Super Bright LEDs are used
  • Viewing Angles: 15º, 30º, 60º, 90º & 120º
  • Lighting Effects: Flash “ON & OFF” non-stop, once pull-tab is pulled
  • Battery Powered: Alkaline button-cell or lithium batteries
  • Low Cost: Lightweight, long lasting, self-contained units
  • Tape Pad: Double sided tape pad which allows you to affix to your display, enabling the flashing LED to protrude through a pre-punched hole
  • The Dangler*: A self-contained, custom 4-color printed,PVC “mini display” is hung next to any retail product. It is an ideal attention-getter in any retail environment for any on-shelf promotion.

    * Purchase the electronics only, or have DUCO produce turnkey
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